No longer a mere trend on the horizon, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have become central to the world in which we live. For underrepresented communities, this presents both risks and opportunities.


AI and ML will affect nearly all workers. The central question that WashingTECH helps its clients answer is “How can we ensure that AI and ML will be conducive to creating more opportunities?”


AI and ML can help workers enhance their current work or move into new fields. At WashingTECH, we help our clients articulate:


  • where those opportunities are,

  • how to make them more accessible, and;

  • how policy can ensure that AI and ML will reduce, rather than perpetuate inequality.

Algorithmic Bias


As Cathy O'Neil, author of Weapons of Math Destruction has noted, "[Algorithms] replace human processes, but they're not held to the same standards." Biased algorithms threaten to accelerate biases in every facet of society. This has foreboding consequences for every area that touches social justice including education, employment, real estate, the criminal justice system, and healthcare.


But responsible organizations are working to generate awareness about and implement mechanisms that prevent human biases from corrupting the algorithms that we have come to rely on.


Work with Us

We help our clients and partners amplify the ways in which they not only work to prevent AI bias but also use AI and ML to improve socioeconomic outcomes.


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