Project Management

Project Management

Projects often start out with good intentions. We focus on helping our clients bring those good intentions to fruition by pairing them with a solid execution strategy that's based on globally-recognized project management standards and best practices.


We apply the Project Management Institute's (PMI) Standards and Guidelines to ensure that each project is executed on time, within budget, and with a focus on the highest possible quality to meet all of your stakeholders' expectations:

Source: Project Management Institute

  • Initiation: This includes defining your projects and identifying all of your stakeholders from the outset.

  • Planning: We help our clients plan how their projects will be executed in each of the following areas.


  • Defining project requirements

  • Defining how the work to complete the requirements will be broken down and assigned.

  • Defining the schedule

  • Estimating and planning costs and budget

  • Defining quality standards and how they will be met

  • Planning or resource necessities

  • Planning project communications

  • Applying both quantitative and qualitative risk analyses, and planning for risk responses to anticipated risks

  • Planning procurement

  • Planning for stakeholder engagement

  • Defining how the project's scope will be articulated and managed

  • Executing: We'll keep the trains running, so you don't have to.

    • Direct and manage work​

    • Manage knowledge resources

    • Quality management

    • Team development and management

    • Managing communications

    • Implementing risk responses

    • Conducting procurements

    • Managing stakeholder engagement

  • Monitoring and controlling: We'll manage changes and ensure your project meets the benchmarks that were defined in the planning phase:

    • Controlling changes​ in a way that integrates with other processes

    • Validating and controlling scope (i.e. preventing "mission creep")

    • Controlling the schedule

    • Controlling Costs

    • Controlling Resources

    • Monitoring Communications

    • Monitoring risks

    • Controlling procurement

    • Monitoring stakeholder engagement

  • Project Closure


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